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Urban farming start-up demonstrates aquaponics, vertical growing | Climate-KIC

Stephen Pond‘s insight:

Earlier we discussed the initiative in Berlin where a shipping container beside a brewery was able to produce the food requirements of two families. In a similar system, but more geared to commercial production for restaurants a used shipping container has been transformed into an aquaponics system in London.  It is nice to see the way that food production is starting to be transformed using old containers for the commercial production of food without the costs of transportation, serious water conservation and improved nutrition over GMO garbage. 

This one is a KickStart project that raised about 20,000 euros to get going, so it is cheaper to build than the one in Berlin. It is looking to expand to a variety of sites, both on the ground and on roofs where they can lease the area for 10 years, the time it will take to get payback for the expenses.  It may not be cheap, but it is sustainable and not tied to the cost of fuel…

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